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Robotics and Automation

The specialist in robotic optimisation over cables

The small change that changes everything

Sumcab Robotics offers Spanish and international solutions and services for industry, in automation, robotics and unique applications, among others. Sumcab's value chain includes cables, connected cables and energy packages for the most diverse and demanding applications, developing together with customers solutions that can meet the most stringent requirements. The company provides a complete combination of services and products, from initial consultation to developing specific products for the required application. Its holistic approach makes a difference and includes installing, optimising and maintaining new as well as existing systems.

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Joint solution

When powering robots for specific applications, a standard product cannot always be used and ad hoc solutions often have to be developed that take the circumstances of the production facility, system requirements and the influence of the environment into account. In order to offer the solution that each customer requires, Sumcab manufactures, installs and optimises its solutions according to the robot's specific programme of movements and in real production conditions.


Sumcab develops, optimises and installs everything from pre-wired power packs for the robot tool to equipment for programming units.


Present in Spain, Germany and Italy

Sumcab has:


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