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Somos independientes para que tu marques el camino

Independent manufacturers

En un mundo en el que los grandes marcan las reglas, a menudo la única solución pasa por adaptarse a la normas que imponen. Sin embargo, ser escuchado, exigir sin condiciones la solución que realmente más nos conviene, es el único camino hacia la excelencia. El entorno que nos rodea es cada vez más exigente y competitivo. Disponer de una única opción, muchas veces no ajustada plenamente a nuestra necesidad, no basta. Lo óptimo, aquello que se construye conjuntamente, es lo que realmente marca la diferencia y será la clave competitiva en el futuro. Construimos soluciones en cable, periféricos para robots y sistemas de seguridad para áreas automatizadas. Y lo que es más importante aún, construimos relaciones entre personas, para que puedas ser tú quien marque el camino. 

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Sumcab's centre is equipped with the best infrastructure for developing projects with high added value. The cables are manufactured according to the customer's requirements and the application requirement. Research and development is one of the pillars on which Sumcab's growth is based.

Sumcab's technological innovation guarantees the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and products, providing essential differential value in the market. 

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    Sumcab is independent so you can continue choosing your path

    Special cables, cables made to order and those for specific applications are produced in the group's factory in Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona. STMC is a specialist in cable and line production processes, meeting the highest technical and mechanical requirements, essential to reliability and safety.

    From copper wire to a ready-to-connect solution. A specialist technical team carefully evaluates the specific requirements of the application and builds the optimal solution for each customer. In the test laboratory, the cables and lines are subjected to technical property tests related to safety, such as combustion behaviour, torsion, traction and bending resistance. Upon request by customers, cables and lines can be assembled ready for connection according to customer specifications, or they can be delivered as parts.

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    Sumcab innovates with solutions that provide energy, connectivity and safety to your production line

    The MTPReel™ automatic cable retraction system, specific power packs and an extensive range of special cables (by the metre or ready-to-install), are developed, supplied and optimised in the industrial robotics divisions located in Pfedelbach, Germany, and in Barcelona. As a specialist in mechatronic robot peripherals, Sumcab Robotics provides fast, reliable and customer-oriented technical solutions in the form of high-quality products and services.

    It provides a combination of services and products, from initial consultation to application-specific product development, installation, optimisation and maintenance of new and existing systems.

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    In the industrial robotics division, Sumcab has the support of its partner RMD Components (Italy), which manufactures specific solutions for various industrial sectors, such as robotics, automation, railways and prototyping, with an eye on safety at work and continuous improvement.

    Sumcab develops the cable retraction system line (MTPReel) as a set, a risk prevention solution for production centres, as well as CReel, the cable retraction system at electric vehicle charging points.






  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Subsea & Underwater Technology
  • Rolling Stock
  • Nuclear & Scientific